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29 March 2010 @ 02:23 pm
Yesterday, at approximately 17:00 hours, the movie commenced. The talking was quiet again, and Edward was painfully emotionless. I'm pretty sure Robert or whatever the actors name is was having a lot of fun making Edward the worst character to ever grace a screen. The movie was a lot better once he left and Bella started hanging out with Jacob. The movie got even better when said Jacob cut his hair. I'm really amazed at how much better he looked after they gave him a little trim. Imagine ...what they could potentially do to Edward if they took off his lipstick, really pale makeup, drug eyes (can they take that off?) and fixed his hair so he didn't look like an ass. He's still not attractive (I'm thinking of him in Harry Potter) but at least he'd look normal.

Overall though :D I was greatly amused by the movie. It's horrible love scenes, mixed with giant ass wolves and sparkley vampires was the best ever! Worth the dollar I paid to rent it. Be jealous brad. You missed at least 7 different guys taking their shifts off to show off their pre-teen/hair (in Edward's case) abs. Lovely.

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12 March 2010 @ 04:00 pm

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20 January 2010 @ 12:03 pm
So it's the second day of class, and I'm ready to call it quits. My brain isn't functioning and I feel lame in Japnaese class. I really like Shima but I wish I could have my old class back. I know I'll get used to the class soon, but  until then I'm going to dread going to Japanese everyday, especially LECTURE. I have that soon. It's so frightening how she just says your name out of the 100+ people in that lecture and expect you to answer in Japanese. I feel like I've forgotten everything, so I'm just going to try and look at my book a little bit each day until my previous knowledge has returned. I'm afraid to see what happens after having a whole summer off, with no Japanese....break wasn't even a month! Oh well. My other classes are alright so far, but it's hard to tell since we've only gone over the syllabus. I'm tired, and feel a bit sick, and I just want to stay home all day and play Sims and be insane. Alas, I must realize that it isn't winter break anymore. Other than the general denials of school being back in session, the last few days have been alright. I go to class, look for books, eat, maybe watch some bachelor, or FAT people!! (tonight on national geographic!!), and I even managed to play sims for about thirty minutes. I consider that a great sucess, considering my computer wouldn't let me play sims for over a year.

I'm slowly considering getting back into fanfics, starting with, of course, Department Store Love. I really want to reread my Goong fic, but the author locked it up. I might try and contact her and beg her to let me read it, but I'm not sure she will. It depresses me. Oh, Shin Goon, how I miss your sexiness. LOOK IT'S RAIN

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30 August 2009 @ 10:47 am
So I've been in madison approximately two days now, and all is going well. I do get a little home sick at times, just because I miss living by myself in a house and being able to retreat from certain people when I choose, but that's part of campus life. I'm really excited and nervous for classes to start. I was looking at the campus map this morning, and I don't htink I should get lost ( I might just want to bring directions with me). I will do my best! I really only have three buildings, and they're all located in the same area. I've been almost constantly interacting with people, so when I'm not I feel sort of weird. I don't think im quite over my nervous-lonely state that I was in a lot before I left home. Hopefully after a week or so being here I'll be better. On a happier note I do really enjoy the city and the people on our floor (even if they seem to always be here). The situation in general is a lot better than it was at Point last year and I have more people to attack. I'm hoping I'll get to know Britz, Alex, and Greg more. Georgia, you still haven't seen my room you whore.

Now I'm just going to put up some of my pictures. I think the only people who look at my livejournal really are Anna and maybe Kali, but oh well. Kali, you can see my pictures.

That's basically it. We don't have really big rooms, boo. But I don't mind them.

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13 August 2009 @ 06:33 pm

And if you haven't noticed, leeteuk is actually happy!! Is emo!Teuk gone? 


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24 July 2009 @ 02:43 am
MY MIND JUST BLEW UP. Why are half-crazed, somewhat violent, very forceful koreans so ADORABLE? Why why why why?! I told myself I wouldn't watch another episode, but I forgot how addicitng dramas are and they just had to bloody end with them in the closet. OH MY GOD SHOOT ME NOW BEFORE I GO INTO EPILEPTIC SHOCK. His eyes also sometimes remind me of heechul....as does his smirk from time to time. ah...I will find out who you are and watch more of your dramas/movies!

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22 July 2009 @ 02:53 pm

So I was going to go to the zoo today but I sort of got sick on the way. I'm currently in the library typing this up, waiting for Anna and Georgia to get back from the zoo. I'm disappointed I didn't get to go, so I might force my parents to take me somewhere else (wahahaa). I really just feel bad that I got sick. Damn body, why won't you listen to me? Ugh. Anyways, this is my battle cry ...it's sort of lame... :P

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01 July 2009 @ 11:38 am
I just posted but I feel like documenting this great event somewhere!! :D I was bored all day yesterday so I finally got a hold of Brad and we headed down to Copper Rock. I got myself a Naughty, and I have no clue what he got but oh well. THEN GEORGIA CALLED US AND MY LIFE CHANGED. Not really, but she came :D and it was a lot of fun. She brought some cards with her and we played such epik games as, Kings Corners, Crack the Oppa, and Ghetto Pimp Slap. The Ghetto Pimp Slap was a frightening game, and I'm surprised I didn't have nightmares about it. Basically, it's like Egyptian Rat Slap, but instead of slapping the pile, you slap the person to the right. I slapped Georgia, she slapped Brad, Brad slapped me. I was scared for my life. Brad slapped me in the eye once, and I'll never forgive him! Joke :D But Georgia was getting sort of violent sometmes with Brad---she had way too much momentum. Therefore I strongly advise if you do play Ghetto Pimp Slap, you do not sit across from each other (at least not with a table inbetween). This creates more momentum, and more damage in my opinion. I had to train myself not to lunge away from Brad because if I did he'd slap harder, lol (and miss my head and hit my eye). Otherwise, not much happened. But I enjoyed myself   ^o^

:( Sadly I'm on my mom's computer, so I don't have a picture to put up. SAD DAY
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What's in a name? 

Eunhyuk laid in bed dreaming of unicorns and fluffy kittens. He really liked kittens because they were cute, and adorable, especially when they pounced after imaginary things. It was simply adorable. Yes Eunhyuk loved cute and fluffy and adorable things, like kittens and bunny rabbits and Sungmin. This brought him to remember that one time he had been talking to Ryeowook. The younger had told him about the time he and Sungmin had a tea party that led to some other things that led to sex. He was a little frightened by his dongsaengs ability to turn into a master of demonic gayness. Those two certainly weren't as innocent as they appeared to be. Eunhyuk was glad that there was at least one member that was as innocent as he looked, and that was Donghae. The little fishie didn't have a seductive bone in his body, or so Eunhyuk thought.

Eunhyuk was having a fitful rest with all the odd thoughts floating around in his head. He didn't hear the door open slightly, and the swoosh of someone slowly stepping in. And then he felt the covers lift, and someone was clinging to him. "Huh?" He asked, shaking his arm a little as if to rid himself of the person. "Hyukkie you're making me dizzy," the younger boy whined. "Donghae?" Eunhyuk asked, for that was who his mysterious nighttime visitor was. "Hmmm Hyukkie." Donghae said rubbing his nose along the skin of Eunhyuk's neck in a very distracting manner. "You make me so crazy" Donghae murmured into the soft skin before him. Eunhyuk's mind was a bit foggy. Why exactly was Donghae bothering him during his sleep time. Eunhyuk rolled over and made space. "Hmm Donghae I'm tired.." He tried to fall back asleep.

It's not like it was unusual for Donghae to crawl into bed with him, so Eunhyuk didn't give it much thought as he let his mind drift further into dream. It wasn't until the normal nuzzling became something more defined that he started awake. Donghae, annoyed that Eunhyuk was falling asleep so he decided to be a bit more aggressive to get his point across. He gently brought his lips to the white column of Eunhyuk’s neck and began to place butterfly kisses up and down. But Eunhyuk just murmured sleepily, already halfway to dream land. Deciding that desperate times called for desperate measures Donghae bared his teeth and bit down sharply.

"Uh!" Eunhyuk jolted awake by the force of Donghae's chomp. "Donghaeee he whined" he batted Donghae's face away from his body. Why did Donghae always want to bother him for sex when he was tired. The whole reason he was tired was because Donghae had kept him up the night before. Donghae pouted, nuzzling into his lover more urgently, as if this was somehow going to convince Eunhyuk that he wasn't tired. "No hae," he sighed, attempting to scoot further away from his attention-loving fish.

"But Hyukkie" Donghae whined, pouting. Eunhyuk was thankful that the darkness hid the cute expression from his eyes, no one could say no to a pouting Donghae. "No Hae. Sleep." He said. "No hyukie, Sex!" Donghae shot right back. "Please please please! I have to go to china again soon and I will be all lonely without you!" Eunhyuk groaned and covered his eyes with the back of his hand. "Sex?? But we already did it 4 times. How much more can we do it? I think I broke something.." Donghae hugged the half dead Eunhyuk to his chest. "But hyukkieeeee I have needs. Two months without sex is hard for me."

Eunhyuk mumbled into Donghae's chest, "It's hard for me too but I've been in a different position than you." Donghae's eyes lit mischievously, as he shook his monkey to jolt him awake. "It can't be that bad." He pouted. Eunhyuk snorted. "You wanna bet?"

"Yeah i do!" Donghae said rolling over so he was on top of Eunhyuk. "Really Hyuk. Bottoming can't be that bad, not with the way you always moan my name." Eunhyuk bit his lip to keep from laughing. If Donghae didn't think bottoming hurt (The first time like HELL), then he was just going to have to prove him wrong. "Ok. Fine. You want sex that badly, i'll gladly top." Eunhyuk said using all his strnegth to flip them over, Now he was the one on top, straddling Donghae's smaller frame.

Donghae shook his head, "Now you are just being ridiculous." Eunhyuk pushed donghae back into the mattress. "What? You think I couldn't top?" Donghae took a glance up and down eunhyuk's body. "I could snap you like a twig."

Eunhyuk frowned, "Yeah well we'll just see, ne?" With that Eunhyuk began fumbling with Donghae's shirt, wrestling it from the younger man. Donghae frowned up at him, squriming under the other's touch. But he couldn't really free himself from the others hold. He pouted, slapping Eunhyuk's hands away.

Eunhyuk let out a surprised laugh. "What's the matter hae?" He laughed. "I thought you wanted sex?" He bent down to whisper sweetly in Donghae's ears. "Don't worry Love, I'll be gentle" sending an involuntary shiver down Donghae's spine. True, he HAD come to Eunhyuk looking for sex, but the situation had turned out entirely different from how he had planned. Eunhyuk was now sliding off his shirt, kissing the exposed skin of Donghae's chest. It should be Me on top, was Donghae's last conscious thought as he felt Eunhyuk reaching for the waistband of his pants.

"Wha-what-what are you doing?" Donghae cried out as Eunhyuk groped him. It was pleasurefull sure but was this what he was looking for? "Oh dont worry Donghae I've got everything under control!" said Eunhyuk who was trying to pull of Donghae's sleep pants. But when Eunhyuk started relieving him of his pants, he freaked out. This just wasn't right. He didn’t' care if it was 'Eunhae', that was just because 'HaeEun' was weird sounding and Eunhyuk would hurt him if he hadn't done it that way. He squeaked and finally managed to squirm out of Eunhyuk's hold, pants half off-he fell onto the floor and started running toward the door.

"What Hae! Come back!" Eunhyuk called after his rapidly departing lover. "Sorry Hyukkie! I just remembered I have something to do!" Donghae called over his shoulder as he got out of there as soon as possible. Eunhyuk watched him go with a sense of satisfaction. He made a mental note to try topping whenever Donghae came looking for late night sex. Now he could go back to sleep in peace. THE END


Alternate ending~~~

Donghae bit his lip nervously. Sure, he trusted Eunhyuk, but he wasn’t really sure if he was ready for this yet. “Shhhh Relax.” Eunhyuk whispered again, and Donghae could feel his body beginning to react to the other’s gentle touches and sweet kisses. He reclined back on the bed. EUnhyuk smiled wickedly, taking this as a sign of consent. He continued to pepper Donghae’s neck and chest with kisses as he pulled down the other’s pants. “Don’t worry Hae, I’ll make you feel good.”

“Hyukie!” Donghae hissed as his aroused member was freed from the confines of his pants. “If we’re going to do this…” he trailed of meeting Eunhyuk’s eyes. The other gazed at him intensly, with naked want that EUnhyuk barely every displayed. “Um.” Donghae Quailed a bit under Eunhyuk’s stare. “Well If we’re going to do this…You should be wearing less clothes.”

Eunhyuk smiled. He had Donghae Exactly where he wanted him. He wasted no time in pulling off his own shirt and pants before bending low to ghost his breath over Donghae’s growing erection.

He stuck out his tongue and licked a thick stripe on Donghae’s cock. Donghae hissed at the sensation, and Eunhyuk continued. He licked another stripe and another, before gently lapping at the tip, tasting the musky taste of the pre-cum that had gathered there. When he judged Donghae’s cock wet enough, he took him fully into his mouth. Donghae gasped, bucking his hips to get at more of the warm pleasure Eunhyuk’s mouth provided. But Eunhyuk pulled back ‘causing Donghae to whine.

“Don’t worry Hae.” Eunhyuk repeated, reaching over Donghae to get at the nightstand drawer where a bottle of lube was hidden. “It only get’s better from here.”

Eunhyuk kissed Donghae passionately, needing to feel the other’s lips against his and he quickly popped the top of the lube and squirted a generous amount onto his hands. While Donghae was distracted by the fierce tongue battle Eunhyuk slipped one lubed finger inside of Donghae’s virgin passage.

Donghae immediately tensed and whined, a low keening sound from the back of his throat. He looked unsurely up at Eunhyuk. “Shhh Hae. It’s alright. Just relax. I know it feels weird, but it does get better I promise, just relax.” Donghae nodded his head, and Eunhyuk slipped another finger into that addicting heat.

“OH GOD!” Donghae yelped at the new intrusion. He wondered how he was going to survive Eunhyuk’s cock if two fingers felt like he was ripping in half. “Shhh” Eunhyuk said again, leaning down to kiss him, feel him, distract him. Donghae fisted his hands in Eunhyuk’s hair. “Geez and sometimes I don’t even prep you…” He muttered as Eunhyuk began scissoring his fingers, twisting them this way and that trying to find the one spot that would make Donghae relax a bit.

“It’s alright.” Eunhyuk told Donghae distractedly, fingers still searching for that spot. “I’m used to it. It hurts worse your first time.” Donghae bit his lip and nodded, looking up at Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk slipped a third and final finger inside, frustrated that he had not yet found what he was looking for. “H-h-hyuk?” Donghae stuttered as he felt his muscles stretched far beyond their normal limits.

Eunhyuk pulled his fingers out halfway before plunging them back in, hooking slightly left as he did so. That did the trick as Donghae let out a scream bound to wake the neighbors, but Eunhyuk didn’t care.


He pulled his fingers completely out and again Donghae Keened at the loss of contact. He insistently pulled EUnhyuk down for a kiss.

Eunhyuk understood, he kissed Donghae fiercely as he guided his cock to Donghae’s hole. Without warning he plunged all the way in.

Donghae screamed again, this time louder at the new pain that filled him. “Holy Crap Eunhyuk You actually enjoy this?!” HE cried out. He had a new found respect for his lover who voluntarily went through this each time they had sex. It felt like his lower half was on fire, as an object too big to be where it was sent spasms through his body.


Eunhyuk’s only response was a low groan as the ring of muscles around his penis quivered rapidly. He waited for Donghae to stop shaking before pulling back and thrusting in again. He was surprised when he felt Donghae raise his hips to meet his thrusts. He sent a quizzical look to his lover. “Hey. If you can do this I can” Donghae said around gritted teeth.

Eunhyuk laughed. “It get’s better” He said, picking up the pace and angling for Donghae’s prostate. He knew he had found it when Donghae let loose a string of profanities


“HolymotherfuckingwhorefaceFUCK what the hell was that?!” Donghae demanded. Eunhyuk grinned, and did it again.

Soon Donghae was reduced to a moaning writhing mass as Eunhyuk thrust in and out of his now willing body. Eunhyuk, could tell that Donghae was getting close by the wild look in the other’s eyes. Obliging the silent plea he wrapped a warm hand around Donghae’s cock and began to tug on it sharply.


onghae moaned and gasped, coming suddenly, coating Eunhyuk’s hand with his essence. Eunhyuk saw white as the walls around him constricted and pulsed, once, twice, three times he thrust before he too came deep inside his lover for the first time. He let out a strangled moan and collapsed on top of Donghae, burying his face in the crook of his neck, inhaling the scent of his lover.

“Shit” Donghae said after a while. “I don’t think I can even move.” Eunhyuk giggled. “I don’t think I want to move. Let’s just sleep like this kay?”

Donghae nodded in agreement, placing a kiss to his lover’s temple. He reached down and pulled the covers up over their naked forms.

“You’re really amazing.” Donghae murmered into Eunhyuk’s ear as the older of the two drifted off to sleep.


Heechul giggled from his vantage in the doorway, elbowing Hangeng in the side as the other looked on in disbelief. "I told you it was Eunhae for a reason!" Hangeng just shook his head dumbly, before Heechul dragged him off to their own bedroom.


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04 May 2009 @ 10:47 pm

Rainbow Trail Fail

Zhoumi was so excited! Today was the day! The day he had been waiting for ages! Today was the day that  
fish fell from the sky, Yesung would date that man. Until then (which he did not expect to come), he planned to stay as far away from that ass-groping, ear-nipping psycho. It was a miracle he had survived the night without being raped but luckily he was a ninja. Yesung clung to the life raft and watched sadly as his little dinghy  The SS. Yehook, sink to the bottom of the ocean. He hoped it was not an omen for the real Yehwook couple. Ever since Ryewook went to china and started loving on Henry things had been rather tense between the covers.

He hoped the other man wouldn’t find his hiding spot. But just as he thought this, the door to his bedroom creaked open. Yesung held his breath, and listened as the other man approached the bed with caution. HE wasn’t sure he wanted this man to get out of his room. “Get out!” Yesung growled dangerously, his normally squinty eyes narrowing even further. The other man refused to budge from his precarious position though.

“But Hyung, you’re so OLD!” Henry cried out in alarm. It wasn’t every day a man was propositioned by another man almost 5 years older than himself! “I’m not into you. Get out of my roo-“ but he was silenced with a life-changing kiss. Alright, maybe he could give this guy a chance. Yesung leaned into the kiss, savoring the feel of the other’s lips as he proceeded to kiss Henry senseless. Literally, the boy blacked out after the first kiss due to oxygen depravation. Ryewook moaned in protest when he felt that Henry wasn’t responding but then noticed his unconscious state and promptly began to panic! “OH NO I’VE KILLED my turtle!” Yesung cried, though in actuality he wasn’t too upset. He had even admitted, (via Eunhyuk) that he had not found the creature to be that amusing. But still…it’s cute little head, and black round eyes. He felt bad. 

“I didn’t mean to “ Ryewook said glancing at Henry’s unconscious form. “We were just kissing and then all of a sudden he fell over! LEETEUK UMMA IS GONNA KILL ME!” Yesung looked from Ryewook to Henry, “You guys were kissing?!” HE exploded. Uh oh thought Ryewook. Forget Leeteuk Umma, YESUNG is gonna kill me! Ryewook did his best innocent smile (he learned from sungmin) and quickly as he could slipped away from Yesung. He ran for Mt. Fuji because it was a beautiful mountain. Wait, how did he get all the way …. He was flying! Only an asian could fly. Luckily he was asian enough to be soaring over the roof tops only touching down for a few footfalls before he was up in the air again chasing after his nemesis.

HE really hoped that the other man didn’t bring a gun to the ninja fight this time. Last time it
killed that man with the clue knife in the dinning room (which certain people wouldn’t let him get to-blast!). “I didn’t do it!” He shouted, as they dragged him away. He struggled to get free but it was no use. The men in the white coats had firm grips. “NOOOOOOOOO” He screamed inwardly because he had never been very good at candy land, and had never managed to make it over the rainbow trail. His fail had cost him his sanity.

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